As earthmoving on the Sunshine Coast Coast is done with heavy machinery, you will have to check out the equipment on offer and what it can be used for.

In fact, what you will be looking for is a one-stop firm of excavators that has all the equipment necessary to prepare your site for construction in a timely manner.

Fortunately, nowadays this type of heavy machinery is much more versatile and one machine can perform tasks that in the past would have required several.

We have been in the business for decades and to stay on top, we have invested in the best type of excavation machinery, so we can offer our customers a comprehensive service.

Here is some of the earthmoving equipment we supply.


An excavator is essential for any project where earthmoving is necessary.

On larger projects you need a machine that can dig out large volumes of soil at a rapid pace.

Lesser volume scoops can be used on the machine for digging trenches and channels for pipe laying and cables.

Also, you might want to be able to swap out the bucket for a bulldozer blade when moving, banking, or landscaping earth. 


The Bobcat brand of excavators are built to be compact and are used for the more delicate tasks of earthmoving.

These are especially good for a couple of reasons. One is their versatility as they can be used with a number of attachments, and two, they can get into places to do the job where the larger excavators can’t.

If there are obstacles on the site that you do not wish to damage or move, a bobcat can work around them.  

Rock Breakers

It depends on your site, but on almost every one you will encounter rocks.

Most of them will be scooped out easily with whatever size excavator that you are using, but if you come across large rock formations, you will need a rock breaker to break it up to remove.

These hydraulic hammers come in different sizes and will indeed make your earthmoving easier.

Essential Equipment

Above are just three pieces of equipment you will need to ensure that your earthmoving on the Sunshine Coast will go smoothly.

Fortunately for you, Watsons Excavations have the correct machinery to do whatever you need on site.

So don’t hesitate and call us for a free quote or contact us through our message page for more information today.