During this pandemic, many companies have closed their doors.

The lockdowns ordered by the government have prompted many, especially those that deal with large numbers of the general public on a daily basis, have been encouraged to do so.

The risk where close contact with others increases the risk of getting the coronavirus, means they have shut their doors, but luckily for them and technology, they can work from home.

Others that haven’t been able to carry on because their kind of work doesn’t allow them to adapt to this new method of working and have been forced to close their doors permanently. 

We at Watsons Excavations are lucky in the respect that our work takes place in the open air.

So, the good news for our customers that need to start or continue their building projects, is that we are still open for business and excavation on the Sunshine Coast.

That said, we are fully conscious of the need for precautions. That’s why we have changed the way that we conduct our business to adapt to the current situation.

As a responsible company we endeavour to adhere to all the government and medical authority guidelines to keep our staff, customers and the general public safe.


For your own safety and that of our staff, don’t visit our offices unless you really have to.

Information and messages about excavations and projects in most cases can be relayed over the phone or email. Plans or revisions can be delivered the same way.

If you need to visit the work site, please social distance for your and our safety.

Please limit the number of people you come in contact with on excavations.

Although it is your site and we are merely contracted for excavation don’t be surprised if you aren’t allowed on the site because of health and safety precautions.

Business As Usual

Apart from the extra precautions taken because of COVID-19, Watsons Excavations are working as normal.

So, if you need an excavation on the Sunshine Coast, feel free to call us or you can contact us through our enquiry form for more information.