When you are excavating, you want to be as safe as possible and to avoid the obvious mistakes that might lead you to danger.

To make sure that you are conducting your excavation on the Sunshine Coast as safely and thoroughly as possible, Watsons Excavations have written a few handy hints of dos and don'ts that should help you through the work you are doing.

Look out for underground utilities

If part of your excavation will run close to utilities and cables provided by other companies, then you need to take care to keep a distance between these and your powered equipment.

You should take the time to mark out these cables to ensure the safety of your team.

Do not make assumptions about utilities

It is all too easy to make silly mistakes, such as assuming that the utility cables run in a straight line between two markers, or that they are at the same depth throughout the site.

This can be a serious error in judgement when you are working.

Make sure your teams are fully trained

Working on excavation job with people who are not experienced or trained is no laughing matter, and if you want to avoid this then you need to make sure that your teams are fully trained, or that you bring in experts from Watsons Excavations to ensure that the job is done safely.

Always be prepared

Even with the best experts in the world, sometimes it is all too easy to have an accident.

In this case, it makes sense for you to be as prepared as possible.

Make sure that you have an available list of emergency contacts, including fire, ambulance and utilities.

You should also conduct emergency plan practices, so that everybody knows what they are doing.

Do not excavate with unsuitable equipment

You want to make sure that you are always working in a safe way with suitable equipment.

This means avoiding excavating with equipment which is just not suitable.

Always avoid using equipment that you are not trained on, or that you have not seen before when you are excavating.

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